What curriculum will my child be learning?
• Children enrolled at Issachar Christian Academy will be taught using a modified version of the Ontario curriculum
• Christian values will be integrated throughout all subject areas
• Children will be taught using the infallible Word of God
• We will also use curriculum published by the Ontario Alliance of Christian Schools (OACS) that meets Ministry of Education expectations


How is faith incorporated into my child’s learning?
• From ideas as basic as creation to personally encountering God, children at ICA will learn about biblical concepts every day
• Corporate prayer and personal listening time will be a regular part of learning
• Lessons prepared will incorporate curriculum subject matter as well as a biblical world view and ideology.


What grades does the Academy accommodate?
For the 2024-2025 school year, Issachar Christian Academy will be accepting enrolment for kindergarten through to grade 8.

Issachar Christian Academy’s hope is to see a Christian high school operate in the future, as the Lord opens those doors.


What about children identified as gifted or with special needs?
We will seek to develop the gifts and abilities that God has given to each child. Given the unique situation of each child, it is best to arrange to meet with our principal or teacher to discuss your individual needs.

Some children at ICA may have Individual Education Plans to meet their specific needs.


How can I as a parent be involved in my child’s education?
A parent association will be formed to keep parents involved in their child’s education and development and informed of concerns and needs. The school will also look to have parents of each child enrolled connect as a volunteer to some capacity.


How can I help with the establishment of the Academy?
• Enroll your child.
• Pray for the establishment and direction of ICA.
• Monetary gifts, corporate sponsors and monthly partners are needed.
• Volunteer your time and gifts.


What are the tuition costs?
Tuition costs will be based on needs required by interest and enrollment. As such, at this time costs will be as follows:
• $6,500.00 for first child enrolled ($650/month)
• $10,900.00 for two children ($1,090.00/month)
• $14,200.00 for three children ($1,420.00/month)

• $16,300.00 for four children ($1,630.00/month) 

There will be a financial assistance fund set up to help qualifying students with the cost of enrolment. We are seeking partners and corporate sponsors to donate to the fund. Our hope is to see families that want a Christian education for their children be able to enroll at ICA. There will be an application process for interested families overseen by the board of directors. Financial transparency will be required for those interested in accessing the fund.


Will tax receipts be issued from the Academy for my child’s tuition or monetary gifts?
ICA is a charitable organization, and as such we will be able to issue tax receipts for monetary gifts (tax receipt for 100% of amount), and tuition costs (over and above the fixed cost to educate a child in Ontario).


What will be offered in terms of field trips, sports, art and music?
For kindergarten through to grade 8 – gym, art and music will be taught throughout the school year in a manner similar to the way it is in the public education system. Field trips will also be conducted in a manner like that in the public education system.

As for team sports, as enrollment numbers warrant, we will petition parent volunteers to take on coaching team sports.


Where is your school located?
Issachar Christian Academy is located at 235-B Albert Avenue, centrally located in the city (just off O’Brien Street). God has blessed us with a facility where there is a large outside play area, a gymnasium with daily access, our own parking spaces, separate school entrance, classrooms, and bathrooms. If you are interested in enrolling your children for September 2024, please arrange a tour by calling the office at (705) 478-7662 or by emailing us at secretary@issacharca.net


Will ICA be government funded or government operated?
ICA will not be government funded or operated. It is registered as a private Christian school with the Ministry of Education. As such, it will allow us to provide our children an education founded on a biblical world view and filled with biblical truth.


Which denomination or church affiliation does ICA have?
ICA is an autonomous Christian society, an organization that will operate under the supervision of a Board of Directors. ICA will look to serve the families of North Bay to educate children for the glory of God.